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Too often in the world of Christian publishing conferences for women, products, publications, or events are too heavily focused on feelings and not on fidelity to and intellectual engagement with Scripture. I want to provide creative, beautiful, faithful materials and experiences for women that encourage them to grow not only in affection for the Lord but in knowledge and understanding as well.

From well-designed websites to engaging printed materials, I support women who learn and teach about the Bible in their local communities as well as around the world, for their good and for God’s glory.

Brand Identity

Establishing your values, mission, and consistency in communication through research and visual elements.


Ensuring your largest piece of virtual real estate is not only efficient, but beautiful and communicates your message clearly.

Print & Layout

Making your handouts, programs, study guides, and other training materials consistent, clean, and effective.


Designing and building slide decks for whatever your presentation needs so your message is heard and remembered.

Fearless Leader

Kelly Sauter

Kelly Sauter

Founder, Designer

I started designing because I am a designer. I began designing for women who love Jesus because he has transformed me through my own knowledge and understanding of God’s word and I desire to serve his Kingdom well by assisting other women to teach and learn in Biblically faithful ways that appeal to our minds and our hearts with their depth of insight and beauty.

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