Logo design –
Keep it simple dance

This was a student project, done for my DMA102 Illustrator class. The goal was to meet with a real client, and work together to develop a logo and branding colors for a future YouTube channel.


Logo Design

Creative Process

From initial client brief to sketches, drafts, color research, Client presentation, revision and final delivery.


Keep It Simple Dance

What They Do

YouTube channel with dance tutorials and videos that build on simple steps and techniques, and expands to dance attitude/language, and self-care.


Use of free-writing and iterations in sketches.

Black and White Drafts x3

After chosing the three best ideas, drafts were created in simple black and white to show high-contrast options for the client to narrow down.

Color and Typeset Research

The client was open to suggestions for color palette, but desired the logo to appeal to all genders and a wide age range.  Each logo draft was pared with a color palette and typeset.

Client Feedback

After reviewing the drafts, the client wanted to explore the sneaker logos, and asked for a color palette that contained a citron green accent and a bolder typeface.

Final Logos

The final logos delivered contained versions with and without the name, and with variations in the color of the shoes.


To give the client an idea of how the logo could be used for merchandising and promotion, we applied it to a number of items: a tote bag, a coffee mug, hand sanitizer, water bottle, magnet, shirt, and stickers.

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